Services are convenient and appointment times are flexible, including nights and weekends. Do not let a busy schedule or transportation issues deny you of your ability to hear well every day!

What Sets Us Apart?

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Hear your grandchildren again!

Compassionate Hearing Services in the Comfort of Your Own Home. 

Comfort of home audiology

(508) 887-6283
Serving Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and Rhode Island. 

We deliver personalized 
hearing services direct to you at your place of residence. Using our state-of-the-art equipment we provide all the necessary audiology and hearing aid services you require. 


" Dr. Kristy is not only a skilled audiologist who came to my home and did a hearing test, but she clearly explained how hearing aids could help me in everyday life. She explained my options and never pushed me to make a purchase. After I purchased she came back to my home to make adjustments and is always available for follow-up questions. One of the best decisions I made was to work with Comfort of Home Audiology and Dr. Kristy." - Jim, Lakeville, MA

"I am extremely pleased with Dr. Lamoureux. Her professional services are the best I've found. I recommend her to everyone. You won't be disappointed." - Richard, New Bedford, MA.

"Dr. Lamoureux has been very kind, extremely thorough, and very patient with our questions and concerns.  She explained the process very clearly to both me and my elderly aunt, who was the recipient of the hearing aid. She never pressured us towards any particular purchase, but just guided us to help us make the best decision.  Most importantly, Dr. Lamoureux has been following up with my aunt to be sure her new hearing aid is comfortable and working optimally. I strongly recommend Dr. Lamoureux to anyone with hearing problems and concerns. "     - Dottie, Lakeville MA.

"I was very pleased with the services provided by Dr. Lamoureux and the hearing aids she suggested. Being in my 80's the convenience in doing everything in my home was very appreciated and the follow-up was very good. I would recommend her highly." - Pat, Lakeville MA

​"Comfort of Home Audiology provides a much needed service for home-bound seniors with hearing loss. Kristy came to our home and took care of everything my father needed for his hearing aids to be functioning again. I am most pleased with her professional service and the way she interacted with my father. I highly recommend this service."    - Kathleen, Braintree MA

"Dr. Kristy Lamoureux is the only doctor I know who makes house calls. In an hour and a half she expertly programmed the hearing aids, set up the accessories, and resolved an issue requiring a 30 minute call to the hearing aid manufacturer. She accomplishes this in the comfort of the client's home because she prefers to help the client adapt to the home environment directly instead of at an unfamiliar office. If you want great service and expert care call Dr. Kristy Lamoureux, you can't go wrong." - David, New Bedford, MA