Hearing Evaluation

  • Completed to determine the type and degree of hearing loss.
  • Evaluation includes pure tone air and bone conduction testing, along with speech testing
  • A detailed report of the results will be given to each patient. 
  • Results will help guide the audiologist in making appropriate treatment recommendations

Hearing Aid Selection and Fitting

  • The audiologist will work with you to determine the most appropriate hearing aid for your individual hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. 
  • A wide range of styles, sizes and technology are available
  • Once the hearing aid is selected, the audiologist will program the hearing aid specifically for your hearing loss. 
  • Adjustments will be made to make sounds as audible and comfortable as possible.​

Hearing Aid Checks, Repairs and Cleanings

  • Routine hearing aid checks will be scheduled to ensure you are pleased with your hearing aids.
  • Repairs can be made on most hearing aid brands and types.

Speech Mapping/Real Ear Measurement

  • This is a new state-of-the-art technology designed to make the hearing aid fitting more effective. It is done to ensure the hearing aid is giving you sounds you need most. 
  • Adjusts the hearing aid to make sure it is fit properly for your hearing loss and takes into account your ear canal size and shape. 
  • Allows for a more accurate hearing aid fitting and can reduce the number of follow-up visits required. 

Recommendation and Installation of Assistive Listening Devices

  • Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) are available to help you hear better and be safe in your home.
  • At your request the audiologist will evaluate your need for ALDs and will install them for you. 
  • Devices are available for the TV and phone, along with amplified smoke detectors and alerting devices such as doorbells and alarm clocks. 

​​Wireless Connectivity 

  • Many hearing aids now have the ability to wirelessly connect to your cell phone, TV, home phone, etc.
  • This new technology allows the hearing aid user to listen to devices through both hearing aids, hands free!
  • Allows for better speech understanding when using the phone and watching the television. 

Hearing Aid Training & Counseling

  • The patient will be trained on proper hearing aid use including how to change the battery, clean and insert the hearing aid, etc. 
  • Counseling of realistic expectations of hearing aids and how to optimize your listening environment. 
  • Family members are encouraged to be present for hearing aid fittings and trainings. Family members help remember important information and provide support.

Hearing Aid Batteries and Accessories

  • Patients have the opportunity to join our battery mail order program. Batteries will be mailed to the patient's home when needed. Batteries can also be purchased during home visits. 
  • Accessories, such as remote controls, are available. 

Custom Hearing Protection Devices

  • Earmold impressions can be taken to make custom protection devices. These devices fit specifically to your ears and allow for greater comfort and retention. 
  • Protect your hearing during loud activities such as hunting, exercise classes, yard work. etc. 

Custom Swim Molds

  • Earmold impressions can be taken to make custom swim molds to keep water out of the ear when in the shower, pool, etc. 

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